Studded Dog Collar Cobra Nape

This Studded Dog Collar Cobra Nape is designed for dogs that have shorter necks or loose skin under the neck area. The collar allows for a nice wide fit at the scruff of the neck, whilst also providing a slimmer band for the buckle joint at the base of the neck. This amazing leather dog collar is fully padded with soft leather on the inside and embezzled with stainless steel studs on the outside. The collar is 7cm wide at the broadest.


  1. No exposed fittings to tear or catch the skin.
  2. (most "collar makers" hide this in their product shots by doing front on shots only).
  3. A LUXURIOUS soft Napa leather padded inside to protect the skin.
  4. (most "collar makers" hide this in their product shots by doing front on shots only).
  5. Tapered fit for comfort on the dogs underside of the neck so as not to push up the skin.
  6. Narrow strapping allows for breathe-ability and allows for air access to skin folds.


  1. We recommend our ALL NATURAL LEATHER BALM be applied to your leather collar immediately after purchase to provide a protective barrier for the leather outer and nourishing balm for the leather fiber interior, to assist with protection and longevity. Apply at least twice per year, or more as needed if collar is heavily used.
  2. If leather gets too wet, do NOT speed dry it, instead dry it slowly. Drying leather too quickly alters its structure, and you may end up with stiff leather. Drying at room temperature and with gentle air works better than direct sunlight or hair-dryer. Slow drying will help keep it in the shape you want.
  3. If leather gets too dry, rub Rogue Royalty All Natural Leather Balm into the leather that will preserve and protect it from the inside out.
  4. Where possible prevent leather from contact with salt water, as it possesses corrosive qualities.
  5. Don't wrap leather in plastic, leather must be cool and ventilated to help prevent mold and fungal growth.
  6. Clean as necessary with a damp cloth.
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