Dog Leash - SUPATUFF® Short Handle Camo

Extra Strong Heavy Duty Dog Handle Leash- 30cm

The SUPA TUFF® extra strong short handle leash is 30cm long and 3cm wide. Our custom Rogue Royalty heavy duty Stainless Steel bullsnaps are designed and produced exclusively for our products and ensure you have the strongest dog leash snap practically possible.

This short handle leash is great for close handling, training and controlling dogs. It is extremely heavy duty strength and suits medium to larger dog types only. It's a very convenient size and is excellent for beach trips, training or in and around urban life or situations where you need to keep your dog at close contro and quarters.

Special Features of SUPA TUFF Strong Dog Handle-Leash

  • Box stitched and re-enforced at both the handle and head-latch.
  • Built in a leather padded handle for comfort and grip.
  • Heavy Duty, Solid Stainless Steel Rogue Royalty bull snap.
  • 110cm x 3cm wide
  • Heavy Duty construction
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Wont rust or corrode